125 and up used to help you find Amazon.com products which ship free to Singapore with AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping... but not any longer. We’ve shut down the site as of January 2017.

But whyyy?

In case you haven’t heard, Amazon is coming to Singapore in 2017! Amazon Prime! Amazon Fresh! Maybe even Kindles, after over a decade of them being unavailable here for no good reason! We got so excited when we heard, we deleted our entire site by accident.

Wait, what?

Well, not really. The writing was on the wall the moment we heard about the above, though. Lately, things weren’t showing up right, and Amazon has tightened up their “free shipping” indicators, and we ran afoul of some term in their affiliate program... so we’re shutting down a bit ahead of schedule.

But how will I ship free stuff to Singapore in the meantime?

Amazon can tell you. To find these items, you can use the search filter, available on the left of most pages; see this handy little guide here. There are usually two checkboxes, though—watch out for two checkboxes, one for “international shipping” and “free shipping”.

I really want to buy stuff from you. Do you have a local online store?

Why, yes, we do! That’s such a realistic question that someone would absolutely ask. There’s our Get Hacking Store, featuring a curated selection of technology toys such as littleBits, Circuit Stickers, Strawbees, and more.

Do you know of any other extensions that can help me with my Amazon shopping?

Have you heard of RateX? They're a local company whose goal is to help you pay less on Amazon, by getting you low exchange rates and promo codes. Their claim is you could save up to $18 for every $125 spent.

Check them out at www.ratex.co, or you can download their extension directly from here: